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Project Evaluation

When planning for project evaluation activities to include in your plan, organizations should choose their evaluation approach based on their learning objectives.  Three evaluation approaches that are often used are:

1. Mid-Project Evaluation
Offers the advantage of answering many of the same questions posed through final evaluation but provides the opportunity to supply suggestions to improve the project efficiency and impact while activities are still underway.

2. Final Evaluation
Often mandated by a funding agency conducted towards the end of a project.  Common questions might include:

  • Did the project succeed at accomplishing the outcomes, goals and impact desired?
  • Was the project relevant, effective, efficient?
  • Does the project have the potential to be sustainable in its operations and impact?
  • Is the change expressed in the proposal or project plan upheld?

3. Post Evaluation
Examines the project impact at a defined period of time after project completion.  Sometimes called an “impact review” it measures the extent to which the project outcomes have been realized through participant ownership.  These findings can be especially useful of using evidence to solicit extended funding or for program decision-making within your organization.

Project evaluation focuses on tracking progress at the higher levels of the project; the outcomes.   It answers questions like:

  • Is the project successful at achieving its outcomes?
  • Is the project contributing to its ultimate goal?

Collecting Data

Evaluation data is collected and analyzed less frequently and often requires a more formal intervention to show project results. 

Sample Evaluation Indicators

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A Possible Process for Evaluation


Case Study: The Ontario Shebang


Kala Seraphin - Kingston, Ontario


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