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The Move Collective

Mar 11, 2016

Move Collective: Community Engagement Through Dance/Urban Arts

Kala Seraphin - Artistic Director of Move Collective is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and yoga instructor.

To create a better World, the individual must first invest in their community. Move Collective has been a unique experience and a chance to unite a comunity to make it stronger. Geared towards youth and urban arts it has been very important in rejuvenating energy here in Kingston, Ontario. By pooling together artists from different walks of life, yet all invested in the urban arts, we have created a special synergy that has inspired young members to pursue their arts, empower them and believe in their community.

- Kala Seraphin


A young member mentioned; "Move Collective has really opened up my view of other art forms across Kingston and helped me to stay social in the community."

Kala explains this young members view has given her art a more tangible purpose as well as better outreach within the community. It has rejuvenated her practice and given her a new outlook on the World around her.

You can find out more about the individuals and artists involved in this project on Facebook page Move Collective.

Their information states:

We are MOVE collective. A group of Parkour, DJ, aerosol, BMX, skateboard, music and dance artists.

Our MOVEment: To crank up the volume on the creative voice of Kingston youth.

MOVE is creativity FOR youth, BY youth: Together, we launch each other to the next level.


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