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A Possible Process for Evaluation

DECIDE - What are the objectives of this evaluation?

DEFINE - Purpose of evaluation – why is the evaluation being done?

                 Evaluation Audience – who will receive and use the information?

DETERMINE - Process and Resources

                         Who will manage the evaluation? How? How will it be funded?

                         Which stakeholders will be involved?  How?

                         What are the timelines?

DETERMINE - Key evaluation indicators – What tells us that the aims and objectives have been achieved?

DESIGN - Evaluation/data collection and analysis

What are the key elements to be evaluated?

                  How will information be collected?  From whom?  

                  How will the information be analysed?

                  How will confidentiality be guaranteed?

COLLECT - Evaluation data

                    Existing research, records, files, interview, surveys, focus groups, feedback

ANALYSE - Data collected – identify findings and conclusions – discuss and report

REPORT ON - Findings – Process, Impact, Outcomes

IMPROVE - Processes, Practices – for next project


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