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The Artist and Community Engagement

The Role of the Artist

The role of the artist involved in community engagement is to use their art as a means of community-based artistic practice that is authentic and responsive to the community around them. 

Community engagement creates an opportunity for the arts and artists to be seen by their communities as necessary and relevant in new ways; as citizens and artists that can build the bridges between disparate groups and help communities articulate their own history, culture, and needs.  It’s not simply about ‘I’m an artist and I want to express myself.’ It’s about what it all adds up to. It’s an acknowledgement that the art is taking place in a larger context.

The sharing of stories about ourselves, our differences, and our similarities is perhaps the most important challenge and opportunity of the next 10 years. Artists have a vital role to play in helping to shape these narratives.

The Artist

Working with Artists - is an integral part of your community engagement project. Click on the folders below to find ideas, inspiration and processes relating to working with artists on your project.



Engaging Artists

Locally-based artists and visiting artists can both be partners in community engagement

Artist / Presenter Partnership

The partnership empowers artists and presenters through collaboration and strengthens relationships


Dance Across The North


The Move Collective


Heritage Engagement

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