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Drawn from a variety of themes, processes, timescales, types of communities, different catalysts, varying scale in terms of budget and other factors – accompanied with quotes from participant, artists, presenter (promoter UK), volunteers and others. Additional request for images (with permissions) and video links (You Tube/Vimeo preferred). 

Inclusion on the site implies permissions to use quotes, images and videos. A donation/re-imbursement available for usage.

The pages on the website will be arranged to include ARTS & NON ARTS examples of community engagement, Quotes, Audio Clips from the organiser/contributor, Video (Vimeo/You Tube) Photographs and text.

What was the catalyst, who was the instigator and why did you undertake this particular community engagement?
Was geography/environment a reason, was there a story to be told, was there an iconic or other moment, was anything else involved (food /festival/celebration/myth/other) where did the project take place?
Can you walk us through the steps in your process, from starting point/catalyst, through set up, who was included, what activity happened, description…
Was this activity a one off project, short term, over a year, over several years . Was there a rationale on length (or was this dictated by time/resources). Was it around another event/Season/theme/festival/artistic rationale/performance, visiting or residential artists or other community aspect?
Please highlight the communities involved in the project, they can be communities of individuals, groups, artists, others, or a community area locality, and say why these particular communities were the focus – Did you specifically target, did they find you and ask for input, did an artist lead this, did a funder/stakeholder suggest this community? You can mention age/ability/cultural/other reasons here too.
Examples from dance, music, performing arts, spoken word and combined arts in particular. Can you give detail of the medium chosen for the engagement, and any reason why? Was it one form (eg Dance) or multi form . Was this instigated by an artist/individual, your organisations lead, the communities request or other starting point . Was there a particular subject matter, Question or topic tackled?
What are/were the outcomes from this engagement? Were there funny or unexpected outcomes that were not anticipated. Did you achieve what you set out to do? Any supporting quotes/comments on outcomes available. Was anything transformative, a challenge achieved, seeds planted, other things started out of this initial engagement….
Can you mention the scale of the project from no budget – full budget. Capacity required to undertake the project in human resources, where the funding came from, any quirky ideas for raising funds used? Mention anything of note in terms of human resources, population size or numbers included, partnerships of note.
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Megan English - Community Engagement with dance


Ronnie Brown - Oakville Centre


Will Weigler - community based theatre

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