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Will Weigler - community Based Theatre

As a community-based theatre artist, I partner with people in a variety of different communities to co-create theatre with them about the stories that matter to them. I am committed to producing theatre that is alive, vital, and fun to watch so that a broader audience - people who might not know about these people's experiences and cultural insights are drawn in and say, well this is interesting - I never saw that before. So whether it's Chinese seniors creating plays about the stories they heard as children, or collaborating with people to create theatre based on the stories that have opened their eyes about the legacy of colonialism in Canada, or working in a neighbourhood to say: what is it that stops you from wanting to get involved in neighbourhood activism? Let's turn those reasons into comedy - these are the kinds of things that I can offer as a community-based theatre artist.

Will Weigler 

Community based theatre director/producer, and the author of Strategies for Playbuilding: Helping Groups Translate Issues into Theatre; The Alchemy of Astonishment: Engaging the Power of Theatre; and From the Heart: How Canadians created an unconventional theatre performance about reconciliation.



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