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Understanding the practice of Community Engagement


Let your community know of your interest in engaging more broadly in the community and your desire to connect to those who are not likely to engage with your organization in the traditional manner.  


Together, have a dialogue about how the arts might be meaningful in creating connections and or embracing issues.  Fully understand what this other organization wants to achieve through arts engagement. Identify and connect together all the different players who would be required to meet this aspiration.  


Make a commitment to collaboratively undertake a project that will serve the identified constituent group and achieve the described aspirations. Undertake the project with shared leadership, decision making and participation. 


After the project (or after several projects together), this partner organization may be empowered to continue arts engagement projects without your direct involvement.  


Benefits of Community Engagement

Getting involved in community engagement helps enrich our communities and bring the arts into the mainstream of our community’s life

Perspectives on Community Engagement

Community engagement is a process that has been touted to achieve community goals in very many fields and industries

Is it Audience Development or Community Engagement?

As you develop your community engagement practices, it is important to keep in mind the key differences between audience development & community engagement

The Power of Partnerships

Partnerships are the fuel for community engagement for arts organizations


Julius Ebreo - Leader, Producer, Director


Judith Marcuse


Kala Seraphin - Kingston, Ontario

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