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Project Monitoring

This phase extends through the life of the project and continually measures the progress and identifies corrective actions.  

The presenter will:

  • Keep track of the budget to ensure the project is financially on track so it can be completed without jeopardizing the financial health of any of the partners.
  • Check in with your community partners and your artists to ensure that outlined goals are being met. 
  • Collect relevant data such as the number of participants involved as the project progresses (it may increase or decline); the number of contact hours with participants and artists. 

The artist will:

  • Regularly create opportunities for direct feedback from participants throughout the process to ensure goals are being met.
  • Communicate about the progress with invested stakeholders such as funders, board members, staff, media, etc.




The Ontario Shebang


Kala Seraphin - Kingston, Ontario


Will Weigler - community based theatre

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