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Have a community engagement project that you’d like to share? By sharing our stories, whether of completed projects or those currently in-process, we can support and learn from each other. We encourage you to be open and honest - share what worked, what didn’t, and what you are learning along the way.

Simply fill out the information below to share your story and inspire others!

We want to feature projects in this Idea Box that truly encapsulate community engagement, rather than outreach or audience development. If you are considering submitting a project, we’d love to support you through the process. Please contact Natalie at natalie [at] ontariopresents [dot] ca or 416 703 6709 ext. 5.

If you have already submitted a project and would like to update, change, or add any information, please contact Natalie.

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Why did you undertake the project? Was there a community catalyst or specific need? What impact or change were you hoping to achieve?
How did the project develop? What was the process? What activities took place?
Who were your key partners in this initiative? Why did you choose to work together? Which communities (of individuals, groups, artists, neighbours, etc.) were involved? Why?
What community are you working in? Was this a community-wide initiative? Did the project have a base in a specific venue, organization, school etc?
What happened? A basic overview of the project
Was this a short-term project? Longer term? Multi-year? What dictated the timeframe (e.g. resources, planning around a community event, etc.)?
What was the budget for this project? Was it fully funded by grants or did you undertake additional fundraising? How did you make it happen given the resources available?
What community outcomes did you observe or measure from this engagement? Did you achieve your goals? Were there unexpected outcomes? What seeds have been planted for the future?
Any other information that you would like to share

Support Materials

If you have photos that you would like to share, please attach them here. Photos can document all aspects of the program, from planning to the final event or celebration- we love to see people working together at all stages. 5 FILES MAXIMUM 1MB MAXIMUM FILE SIZE
If you have any video documentation that you would like to share, please provide a link here.
If you have any audio documentation that you would like to share, please provide a link here.
Please provide links here to any additional resources that you would like to provide (e.g. news articles, documents, forms, reports, etc.)
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Kala Seraphin - Kingston, Ontario


Crazy Smooth - Bboyizm


The House Concert - Cultural Diversity

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