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Project Monitoring

Project monitoring is a continuous review of project progress at the activity level and identifies necessary corrective action.  It answers questions like:

  • Have activities been completed as planned?
  • Is the work of the project progressing as projected?

As a continuous process, project monitoring is intended to track during the implementation phase while many evaluation activities are undertaken during the end of the project transition phase.  Managing and tracking issues along the way will help inform the evaluation.

Track the process

  • Keep a diary/journal as it goes along.  This will be particularly helpful during the evaluation phase.  See issues log
  • Keep a list or use templates to record who was contacted, who responded, etc.
  • Use evaluation forms along the way

Record the Project

  • Video
  • Photography
  • Storytelling

Capture the community experience

Engage the participants through writing or drawing to capture their experience.

Managing Issues

An issue is an unresolved decision, situation or problem that will significantly impact the project and may not be able to be resolved immediately.  Identifying and tracking issues is crucial to communicating with the project team and project participants and will be used when completing the evaluation as one of the sources of data collected. A simple tool for monitoring the issues that may arise during the implementation of the project is an issues log.



Kala Seraphin - Kingston, Ontario


Case Study: The Ontario Shebang


Judith Marcuse

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