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Types of Evaluation

There are many different kinds of evaluation that are used for evaluating initiatives and outcomes, but the one most likely to be effective is commonly known as Outcome Based. 

This is focussed on assessing the quality and effectiveness of a program, based on the goals and expectations for the program. 

To begin, document the following prior to beginning your project:

  • the purpose for the project
  • the rationale for undertaking it
  • the structure of the initiative (e.g. length of time, # of activities, type of activities, etc)
  • the types and number of participants expected
  • the partnerships and what each are bringing to the initiative

Your evaluation will compare the results of the project to the documented items and will also want to evaluate it on a qualitative level.

  • The effectiveness of the program in engaging the desired participants
  • The quality of the experience for the participants
  • The quality of the partnership – did we work together collaboratively, did we each fulfil our responsibilities, did we learn from each other?
  • The potential for a long-term relationship with this partner
  • What other people beyond the initial participants were affected by this project? 


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