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Digital Research

Doing homework online can lead to lots of information about your community.

Census Canada
The Census Canada website will give you a demographic profile of community and will also show you the demographic changes in culture, heritage, age and other attributes since the previous census took place.

Your Chamber of Commerce
Visit the website of your local chamber of commerce or other business associations to learn more about the businesses in your community. 

Online searches
Use your imagination and your favorite search engine tool to discover lots of community groups.

Some examples of searches:

  • (name of town) non profit organizations
  • (Name of town) associations
  • (name of town) community health
  • (name of town) recreation
  • (name of town) music lessons
  • (name of town) fine arts group


Judith Marcuse


North Yorkshire Youth Dance Connecting with local environments


Why - community engagement with youth and community Choreographer Keira Martin

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