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The Values of Building Partnership Relationships

For most presenters, partnerships are found within most aspects of our work.  Experience has shown that  successful partnerships have a clear purpose, must be carefully planned and monitored and, ultimately, add value to the work of all partners.

Appreciation – for relationships to exist each must appreciate the other’s qualities, experiences, values, wisdom, and conditions.  Appreciate each other’s contribution and that you care about their issues, interests, culture.  Appreciation is the basis of respect.

Respect – for partner’s preferences and committing the time it takes to build the relationship, balancing our schedules with theirs.

Trust – cultivate trust by being open and honest about why we want to undertake the partnership, our expectations, any differences of opinion and our cultural assumptions…trusting relationships are the glue that hold people together as they work on common problems or community issues.  

Reciprocity – each partner has something to give and needs to be able to give as well as get.  Create a collaboration based on finding common interest and mutual benefit.  Build an atmosphere of sharing, caring and generosity.

Communication – a partnership requires open, clear and honest two-way communication.  Listening is as important as speaking.  A shared vocabulary and meanings must be developed.

Cooperation - is an acknowledgement that each partner brings something of value to the relationship and is able to express that by helping the other – an expression of strength through shared resources and values.  Sharing leadership and power.

Vulnerability -  admitting weakness and lowering defenses creates ‘safe space’ to communicate, interact, and share information, experiences, and feelings.  Asymmetrical relationships ultimately deteriorate into dysfunctional relationships.

Equality – promote social inclusion by respecting diversity and inclusive of differences and needs.

Positivity – encourage an abundance mindset – what’s possible, what do we have.

Enjoyment – sharing experiences and having fun together


Dance Across The North


Julius Ebreo - Leader, Producer, Director


Hazel England - Community & Education Director. Engaging our local community in creative ways

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