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Recorded Webinars: Clarifying Community Engagement

Ontario Presents recently offered a webinar on the topic of community engagement for arts presenters.

Recorded versions of this webinar (one geared towards presenters with professional staff, the other to volunteer presenters) are now available online. Previous webinars on a variety of topics are also available, including several topics pertinent to community engagement, such as diversity and inclusion, and accessibility.

The Clarifying Community Engagement webinars, led by experienced arts consultant Jane Marsland, take an introductory look at the complex but rewarding process of community engagement. Topics included different forms of outreach and engagement, and the benefits, processes, and challenges of engagement work. The webinar also includes a brief introduction to this site, ArtsEngageCanada.

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Megan English - Community Engagement with dance


Heritage Engagement


Will Weigler - community based theatre

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