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Resources on documentation and evaluation of community engagement projects.

Engaging Matters - Evaluating Community Engagement
Taking Note: A US-UK Report on Measuring Cultural Engagement
An Outcomes-Based Evaluation Toolkit developed by the Vancouver Public Library to undertake outcome-based evaluations of their community programs. The intent of the outcome-based evaluation approach is to gather community feedback on the successes as well as ways to improve programs and services.



Community Engagement Resources from Doug Borwick

Doug Borwick is a US-based artist, arts administrator, and leading advocate for community engagement in the arts.

Nurturing Local Culture: Stories from Creative People and Places

The following is a summary of key learnings and resources from a virtual con

Turning Engagement Patterns Upside Down


Power Up

"This think-piece by Chrissie Tiller unearths and explores some of the complexities and challenges of sharing power, drawing on thinking


Julius Ebreo - Leader, Producer, Director


Dance Across The North


The Ontario Shebang

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