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Welcoming and including Everyone

Nov 1, 2016

In your community engagement practice you should try to implement an inclusive practice by; developing an inclusive philosophy, policy, structure and general practice; build capacity; approach change systematically; link change to policy.

Try to:

  • promote equity and inclusion in everything you do
  • think about the impact your activities will have on different people
  • take action so that people are not discrimated against- directly or indirectly
  • think about the outcome for individuals and how you make sure everyone can achieve their outcomes
  • develop targetted activities to provide more opportunities or support for people who are disadvantaged
  • challenge stereotypes and prejudices to make sure you can provide opportunities to disadvantaged groups

Further reference materials
Indigenous Protocols for Artists- useful resources from Ontario Arts Council

The James Irvine Foundation in California has published a number of resources on arts engagement.  This report - Experiments in Arts Engagement:  Case Studies provides practical tips and learning about engaging with diverse communites.



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An engagement project involving 10,000 people across the North of England in experiences of world-class dance and music, within their local communities.

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Karen Kaeja - Green in the loveliest way


The House Concert - Cultural Diversity


Kala Seraphin - Kingston, Ontario

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