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BEGIN - Building Relationships

A critical component of undertaking community engagement initiatives is the ability to make quality relationships with all your partners, collaborators and community participants.

Pluralism and Diversity
Irvine Foundation - Making Meaningful Connections
This report offers an initial framework of key organizational characteristics for cultural institutions that are genuinely engaging participants who reflect their communities' changing demographics.
Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) - a website that provides comprehensive resources on the arts and curatorial perspectives through the lens of pluralism 
Exploring Engagement Toolkit - A toolkit on how to engage diverse Californians in community engagement activities
Community Planning Toolkit - Working Together
This toolkit focuses on how Community and Voluntary Sectors can work with an influence other sectors in effective ways. It looks at working within Community Planning structures and the wider context; building supportive alliances; and advocacy and lobbying for change. 
Four Critical elements in building relationships in Community Engagement
Deaf Artists & Theatre Toolkit (DAAT) - A very detailed resource for working with Deaf theatre artists and the Deaf community and audiences. Co-created by the Deaf Culture Centre and Cahoots Theatre 
Picasso PRO - an online resource of Deaf, disability and inclusive art practices
An initial list of Indigenous resources to assist presenters to build relationships with Indigenous artists and communities
Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
Indigenous Protocols for Artists- useful resources from Ontario Arts Council
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Apihtawikosisan - The Dos, Don'ts, Maybes & I Don't Knows of Cultural Appropriation
Discussion Paper on Protocols for Canadian Public Art Funders by Jane Anderson & Gregory Younging:
An Australian perspective on building healthy partnerships between mainstream and indigenous organizations

Community Engagement Resources from Doug Borwick

Doug Borwick is a US-based artist, arts administrator, and leading advocate for community engagement in the arts.

Turning Engagement Patterns Upside Down


The Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement

While not specifically about arts engagement, the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement has a wealth of resources on its website about community engage

New! Rethinking the Role of British Art Institutions

In this article The Guardian theatre critic Lynn Gardiner makes a compelling argument for the need for arts institutions to change the way that they


Julius Ebreo - Leader, Producer, Director


Case Study: The Ontario Shebang


Crazy Smooth - Bboyizm

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