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General resources on community engagement

Irvine Foundation - What we're learning about Community Engagement
A series of reports on highlights and insights on Community Engagement.
Community Planning Toolkit - Community Engagement
This toolkit provides guidance on the issues to consider when planning and designing a community engagement project. It focuses on quality and effectiveness, process planning and designing engagement tailored to the particular issue, level of participation to be achieved, time frame and range of stakeholders affected. 
Teaching Artists are an important resource in arts management projects. The following links give more insight into the history and practice of this critical resource. 
Articles on the conditions for teaching artists and recommendations to improve the field. 
The AHRC Cultural Value Project: Understanding the Value of Arts & Culture is an in-depth, three-year study to understand the value of the arts and the difference they make to individuals and the community. The report had two objectives - the first to identify the various components that make up cultural value and the second, to develop the methodologies and evidence to evaluate these components. 
Books about Community Engagement:
Borwick, Doug. (2012) Building Communities, not Audiences - The Future of the Arts in the United States.  ArtsEngaged

Borwick, Doug. (2015) Engage Now: A Guide to Making the Arts Indispensible. ArtsEngage

Website of Doug Borwick
Engaging Matters - Arts Journal Blog of Doug Borwick
ArtBridges is a hub, a forum for connection and an online resource for community-engaged arts across Canada.

Ontario Arts Engagement Study

Wallace Studies in Building Arts Audiences - A series of studies on building arts audiences and building relationships with diverse communities.


Resources about the outcomes of community engagement projects - the impact or changes on presenters, artists, participants, communities.


Resources on documentation and evaluation of community engagement projects.

ACT - Communicate & Connect

Articles and resources to help you plan community engagement projects along with tools for communicating and connecting with your community.

ACT - Plan

Resources to help you plan arts-based community engagement initiatives.


Ronnie Brown - Oakville Centre


Karen Kaeja - Green in the loveliest way


North Yorkshire Youth Dance Connecting with local environments

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